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  • Tom started the conversation

    In the Room Details under the "Room Offers" we can write the price - but why does the template automatically insert "from"? I dont want to use english!

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    Vasilis replied

    Hi there,

    you can use Loco Translate(https://www.wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/) plugin to change all your theme's strings to your preference

    After Installing the plugin you can navigate to Loco Translate->Themes and select your theme. Then if your WordPress language is in English (US) click on the https://goo.gl/qCbywH English language and start changing your stings to your preference.
    If you have another language as a WordPress default add it from Loco Translate's New Language button and repeat the above procedure for your new language

    One other option would be to open loop-item.php and listing-cpt_room.php and remove from in

    <?php echo sprintf( _x( 'from %s', 'room starting price', 'ci_theme' ), $price ); ?>

    Try installing the WP Editor plugin to enhance the default editor and then navigate to the /themes/mykonos/ folder to find these files.

    If you decide to proceed with this modification I would suggest you create a child theme, copy over the files you are editing and make the modifications there. This will allow your changes to survive future theme updates. If you directly edit the theme’s files, all changes will be lost once you update.

    Have a look at this guide to learn more about child themes and how to create one.www.cssigniter.com/ignite/beginners-guide-child-themes/