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  • Marko started the conversation
    Hello ! Thank you so much for your quick reply and support. I am slowly learning how to customize it with your help. Few more questions if you don't mind? 1. What is the Acoustic site background size, as I am trying to fit "Image" ? 2.How to change bottom gray field and squares and use my image or color? 3. How to change "sample post" white background? Thank you, regards, Marko
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    Vasilis replied

    Hello there Marko!

    1) there is no specific size, but using a background of 1920x1200 pixel will have you covered in the majority of cases.

    2) in theme settings -> custom CSS add this

    .footer-wrap {
    background: #XXXXXX;

    and use the color of your choosing for the footer.

    3) again in the custom CSS box use this

    .post {
    background: #XXXXXX;