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  • Marko started the conversation
    Hello ! I have purchased from Themeforest - Muzak yesterday and tried to install but it looks like something is wrong with zip file (within wordpress folder once unzipped) ? I've installed wordpress and it works fine but once I want to install Muzak it shows error? 1. Please could you send me proper files to install theme? 2. I would like to have the same display as in Demo but when opened html, it looks different (only few pages from menu, no discography etc.? 3. How to have one color (Cream) as in Demo for all pages? 4. How to get rid of big diagonal lines in background. Thanks again for your support. I appreciate it very much. Regards, Marko
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    Vasilis replied

    Hello there Marko, the files on themeforest work fine. There are two things you can download, the one is the WordPress installable and the second is the full theme package. If you got the first, just upload it, if you got the second you need to extract the zip, find the upload_me.zip file and install this one. 

    2) In the full theme package you will find the theme's documentation in a pdf file, in there there is a step by step guide on how to install the sample content and setup the theme to look like the demo by adding your content.

    3) go to appearance -> theme settings -> color options and set any color scheme you like.

    4) add these 

    #wrap, #footer-wrap {background-image:none;}

    in theme settings -> custom CSS to remove the stripes.