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Embedding Discography tracks on to posts/pages


  • Brown started the conversation


    Is it possible to embed tracks from Soundcloud using the [tracklisting] shortcode that are not associated with any Discography post? We want our artists to have separate tracks and do not want them to appear as Discography items. We do want them to have the same appearance/functionality as the default track list - I am able to embed the Soundcloud code directly into an Artists post but the player is different and I do not want to really start delving into the developer API?

    Perhaps if there is not an out-of-the-box solution, altering the Muzak template would be advised?

    Thanks again.

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    Vasilis replied

    Hello there, in a case like this you can use our old tracklisting system to help you with embedding only tracks from SoundCloud, here is an example on how to use it.

    [track track_no="1" title="Wega - Ruback" subtitle="Embbeded from SoundCloud" type="soundcloud"][soundcloud width="100%" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/44790907" iframe="true" /][/track]
    [track track_no="2" title="Sui subtitle="Embbeded from SoundCloud" type="soundcloud"][soundcloud width="100%" url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/35443347" iframe="true" /][/track]

    fill in the details for the following fields  track_no, title, subtitle and the url of the SoundCloud WordPress code, structure your shourtcode like above and it should work nicely, without you having to  add these SoundCloud tracks to a discography item.

  • Brown replied

    Excellent, that worked.

    Thanks Vasilis!