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  • David123Chotjewitz started the conversation

    Hello,  when I do the blockquote the text is not flowting around the blockquote, like it is doing in your examaple, look at : https://preview.themeforest.net/item/acoustic-premium-music-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3750782?_ga=2.100181783.802684578.1539866430-1376558235.1539866430

    in the related URL I am showing you how it looks like at my page. I want to have it like on your page. Please help me and explain to me how I do the blockqoute right. 

    Many greetings Sarah

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    Vasilis replied

    Hi there,

    you can use this HTML for example

    <blockquote class="alignleft four columns">
    <p>This is a blockquote style example. It stands out, but is awesome. 
    Vivamus id mollis quam. Morbi ac commodo nulla. In condimentum orci 
    id nisl volutpat bibendum.</p>
    <p><cite>Dave Gamache, Skeleton Creator</cite></p>

    inside your WordPress editor. Let me know if this works, or if I can help out more.

  • David123Chotjewitz replied

    Hi there, thank you very  much for your answer, but I dont know how to use your HTML code. First question:

    Where exactly should I use your HTML code? Where do I have to add it.

    Seceond question: should i add the hole HTML Code you gave me?

    Thank you very much for your answer, 


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    Vasilis replied

    Hi there,

    you can add this inside your content while using the Text Tab in your editor https://prnt.sc/lhiryn

    You will need to use it as is, but with your content inside.

    Let me know if you get stuck somewhere.