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  • Kasia started the conversation


    on my main page I would like to have categories (

    Książkobranie, Migawki, Migawki ect. )

    like here: http://missferreira.pl/

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    Vasilis replied

    Hello Kasia. 

    The layout of the blog you attached in your post is the result of a lot of custom work. I'm afraid this amount of work falls outside the support's mandate since it requires essentially rewriting the entire post listing page of the theme. 

    To get a similar result you would have to hire a developer to carry out these modifications for you. 

  • Kasia replied


    this is not a good information :(

    Do you have any idea how to do it a deferent way?



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    Vasilis replied

    Unfortunately no. That layout requires a lot of customization. I'm sorry.