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homepage not rendering


  • Veronica Nunn started the conversation


    our home page is not rendering.  https://deadhorserecords.com/

    The about us page is showing a different navigational menu than the other pages. I've deleted that page and created another "about us" and it is still showing the old (deleted) one. How is that possible? https://deadhorserecords.com/about-us. It seems that once you go to the about us page, the navigational links on that page take you to the original theme template.

    The navigation menu on all the pages, hovers are not showing correctly.

    The homepage hover (with a yellow box and white text) is correct, but you can't see the rest of the page.  Yellow when the page is selected, all the other links white, when you hover over them, yellow box, the text stays white - this is the correct format.  The other pages' navigational menus don't respond that way. 

    And I can't see to get the logo to show on the site

    Thank you

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    Vasilis replied


    while I noticed all pages render correctly. Some Elementor settings change menu colors since the header is created using Elementor.

    Currently all pages have the same menu behaviour. Have you resolved this?

  • Veronica Nunn replied

    Hi Vasilis,

    I will check into this. I basically hadn't made any corrections to the theme. I just updated my plugins and the pages started rendering incorrectly. I fumbled around, Lol and somehow got it to render ok. Right now everything seems to be ok, except that when you view it on Firefox, the page is jumping. I will get back to you after I look into Elementor settings. Thank you!

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    Vasilis replied


    please do, also please send me where this happens to check it also using Firefox