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Problem problem updating theme


  • Rosa started the conversation

    Good Morning. Recently, I had to migrate my site to another server hosting, and my web (proyectojass.com) is miscopied. Now buttons are displayed gallery nor the button to hear the songs (sm2_button). I updated the theme but has deleted a page, translations into Spanish do not go and some events rerouted wrong, and shown the error page 404. Could you tell me how I should upgrade theme to keep translations nor styles that I have now, please?

    I upgraded version of wordpress and now I have many errors like this: "Notice: The constructor method called WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0 Use __construct () instead in / var / www / vhosts /!. proyectojass.com/httpdocs/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3624 "
    I update the earlier version of the theme Acostic!
    Please help!


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    Vasilis replied

    Hello Rosa.

    Have you managed to fix the issues? I visited your site and I can see both galleries and buttons on the tracklistings.

  • Rosa replied


    I had to restore a previous backup of the web. Now, I need to update the version of wordpress, but if I do, I appear many configuration errors like these:
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'meta_key']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_usermeta meta_key (meta_key)
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'slug']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_terms slug (slug)
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'name']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_terms name (name)
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'meta_key']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_commentmeta meta_key (meta_key)
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'meta_key']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_postmeta meta_key (meta_key)
    WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'post_name']
    ALTER TABLE ADD KEY wp_posts post_name (post_name)

    I need to know if when I update the theme, these errors will no longer appear. But
    I made some adjustments to the theme template and I want to know
    whether to update the theme changes and adjustments will be lost, and if
    so solve problems icons and images that we are now, as icons gallery queahora not seen. Attached to this ticket screenshots of errors.

    I also like to reduce the space between the logo and the menu bar.

    Moreover, there are icons that do not appear like email, instagram, spotify ... How I can add? Should I add them to style sheets or I just have to upload new images?

    Thank you very much for your help and excuse my English, I do not know if you can understand me.

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    Vasilis replied

    Hello Rosa. 

    These errors are not related to the theme and updating the theme will not affect the cause of their appearance.

    Try disabling all your plugins and then try updating WordPress. See if this allows the update to proceed successfully.

    It appears that these errors are minor and won't affect your site's functionality.



  • Rosa replied

    Good morning, I have some questions:
    1. Mistakes I told you appear when wordpress version is updated. If I upgrade the version of wordpress, leave those mistakes and can not work in the backoffice. On the web also they appear on the head. I wonder if these errors are due to some incompatibility Acoustic theme with the new version of Wordpress.
    2. We also need to update the theme acoustic and wanted to know how I
    should update it so that the web does not lose the settings and changes
    made on the original template.
    3. On the other hand, I need some icons of social networks that do not
    appear in the social plugin, such as email, instagram, spotify ...
    4. Also, when I migrated to another web server, the web copy went wrong, and some icons such as the gallery now do not appear. What I have to upload files to display icons gallery images appear? If I update the version of the theme acoustic solve this problem with icons?
    5. I also want to eliminate the space between the logo and the horizontal menu, How I can eliminate that space?
    Some of these questions are in the images that I attached to my previous ticket.
    Thank you very much

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    Vasilis replied


    The error is not related to the theme I'm afraid. It could be due to a plugin.

    If you have made changes to theme files you will need to create a child theme http://www.cssigniter.com/docs/article/creating-a-child-theme/ and copy the modified files in it, in order to be able to update without losing your changes. (if you have made changes in the style.css and functions.php files, you only copy over the changes and not the entire files)

    The latest version of the socials ignited plugin which uses the icons from the font awesome set and is able to provide you with almost all the icons you need. You can see the available icons here http://fontawesome.io/icons/

    Most likely there are images that point to the old URLs in your new installation. You need to do a search and replace. You can have a look at this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/ (please make sure you backup your database before proceeding)

    You can't entirely remove the space between the logo and menu, you can make it a bit smaller by using this

    .navigation {margin-top: 0;}

    in your custom CSS box under Theme Settings.

  • Rosa replied

    Good Morning. I have updated the theme and I have two problems:

    1. I have lost the favicon and I don't know where the place is to put it back
    2. I don't have a blog on the web, so I don't want "Latest News" to appear on the Home page. I have unchecked the box, but the headline still appears. How can I remove it? If I touch the code the cover gives an error.
    Thank you very much for your help. Greetings: Rosa

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    Vasilis replied


    you can remove it by adding this

    .home .main .widget-title{display:none;}

    in your custom CSS box under Customize-â–¸Additional CSS. Or remove any widget from the frontpage sidebars under Appearance->Widgets

    I noticed favicon is back, have you resolved this?

    Let me know if you need additional help